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This isn’t investing,
it’s family—invested

Our Why ―We live for the wins and our wins are helping you achieve the life you’ve earned

There is no business like family business. We are a multi-generation family business that was cultivated in 1985.

Our team is family; quite literally. With two generations of family members working together in cohesion, we believe we are able to offer the apex in multi-generational family wealth management. Our deep-rooted understanding of families and their inter-workings from both a finance and personal standpoint have helped us create, maintain, and grow generational wealth for our clients.

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Our Difference

We have designed a comprehensive, proven, and repeatable process that delivers real results to you and your family.

We have a compelling passion for transparency in portfolio management and are commitment to delivering superior risk-adjusted returns.

With less than 100 family relationships, we have the unique ability to truly offer our select client base with the highest quality of service.

    Our Services

    The independent building blocks of your unique portfolio

    Our Private Portfolios:

    VHIN. Canadian Dividend equity

    A Canadian dividend strategy uniquely designed to amplify wealth through enduring value and income. Explore our private portfolio – Verus High Income (VHIN)

    VUFG. US growth equity

    A concentrated portfolio of outstanding businesses with competitive advantages and the potential for sustained superior growth. Explore our private portfolio – Verus US Focus Growth (VUFG)

    VSME - us small/mid-cap equity

    A highly active strategy designed to find undervalued business in the Small to Mid-Cap US equity market. Explore our private portfolio – Verus Small/Mid-Cap Equity (VSME)

    VFIX Fixed income

    Uniquely designed for capital preservation, steady income, and resilience against inflation through active fixed income selection. Explore our private portfolio – Verus Strategic Fixed Income (VFIX)

    VING international equity

    A concentrated portfolio of world-class companies outside of North America with the potential for sustained superior growth. Explore our private portfolio – Verus International Growth (VING)

    VALT alternative assets

    A multi-manager strategy consisting of institutional private equity, real estate, hedge funds and other non-traditional assets. Explore our private portfolio – Verus Strategic Alternatives (VALT)

    Everything we do, we do with integrity and that is where it all starts

    Verus is the classical Latin word that means true, well-founded, real and genuine. This word explicitly describes Verus Financial. We have a true wealth management process combined with well-founded research that produces real results by a dynamic group of genuine professionals.

    Our dynamic and comprehensive wealth management approach is uniquely designed around your specific goals and dreams. We do this with integrity, passion, and a relentless commitment to goal attainment.