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An invitation to change the world

An invitation to change the world

Are you seeking to fight poverty, improve quality of life or reduce personal distress? Your philanthropic ideal could also be found in promoting education, making an art collection available to the public, financing high-quality residences for seniors, or preserving your community’s heritage. The opportunities are endless with philanthropy.

Philanthropy plays a key role in society and ensures the general well-being of the community in several sectors of activity. Funding and planning for major donation is an important strategic course of action. We have the expertise and services available to help support your philanthropic efforts while simultaneous ensuring your personal goals are met.

What are your philanthropic goals?

  • Would you prefer to give while you are alive, make a testamentary donation, or both?
  • Do you wish to establish a long-term source of financing for certain charitable organisations or contribute to specific fundraisers that are important to you?
  • Do you need advice to understand how to coordinate your donations and optimize them over the long term?
  1. Direct donations:
    • A direct charitable donation allows you to provide immediate financial support to the cause of your choice, with the organization receiving the funds immediately.
  2. The charitable fund within a public foundation:
    • This is a simple solution that allows donors to create their own charitable fund without having to worry about the legal and administrative procedures or costs associated with its creation.
    • All the funds created by the various donors are managed under the same entity. Each donor retains the right to participate in the development of the investment policy (according to the parameters established by the foundation), to make additional contributions, and to make recommendations as to the charities that will benefit from the generated profits.
    • The public foundation is designed for donors who would like to make a smaller initial donation or would prefer to limit their involvement to a minimum after the creation of their charitable fund.
  3. The creation of a private foundation
    • A private foundation is a legal entity that is set up to take charge of, consolidate and optimize an entire charitable project. In the foundation’s deed of trust, the donor defines in detail the management and operational framework, from the investment portfolio policy to the selection of charities or charitable purposes to be pursued.
    • A private foundation is a preferred instrument for donors who wish to make a significant initial donation (at least $1,000,000) and deploy a highly personalized philanthropic strategy that offers them greater flexibility. These donors are willing to pay the start-up costs and want to be directly involved in the administration or to maximize their control over the foundation’s activities and investments.

How can we help?

  • Choice of optimal philanthropic formula
  • Philanthropy services that are integrated in your financial, tax and estate planning
  • Advice for set-up (donation structure and choice of charitable organizations).

We are here to help you change the world. Our Philanthropic approach promotes the integration of your long-term philanthropic vision into your overall financial and estate planning.

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