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Our Difference

To be great, you must be built different

To be great, you must be built different

In a world of uniformity, greatness emerges when a business dares to be different, carving its own path through innovation and audacious vision. Unveiling a symphony of differentiation, our business orchestrates success by harmonizing innovation, purpose, and an unyielding commitment to rewriting the rules of excellence.

Holistic Family Wealth Solution

Our holistic and family orientated process is at the center of how we deliver on our commitments to you. It is also one of the key elements that separates us from most wealth management firms in Canada.

With an extreme dedication to process, we work together with you, your family and our specialists to determine what matters most and deliver solutions that are aligned with your goals and dreams. We do this with integrity, passion, and a relentless commitment to goal attainment.

The Verus Financial Family & Total Wealth Process

At Verus Financial, we dare our clients and families to dream. But dreams are only dreams unless they are clearly articulated and have a diligent plan in place for achievement. Only then can dreams become reality. Our process begins with an in-depth discovery into your family and life.

After a clearly articulated Dream Board has been created, we are then able to take your families priorities and specifically plan around them. This starts by implementing our unique team-based approach. In collaboration with you and our team of experts, we work together to find unique strategies and solutions to help achieve your goals. This involves consulting the nine areas of expertise in our wealth management offering.

From the solutions and insights provided by the collaborative efforts of our experts, we are then equipped to design a customized strategy around your priorities. Unique needs, projects, and dreams all require different strategies. Our tailored solutions begin and end with your family goals. Ensuring our plan and strategy is designed to meet each of your goals, in its desired priority is the overall objective. With our relentless commitment to goal attainment, we are here for this challenge.

Life is unpredictable. There’s no avoiding it. Therefore, the ability to adapt and move in a different direction is essential. Our process is designed to be highly adaptive to the many obstacles that life throws our way. Also, we understand that as you and your family’s move through different stages of life, your goals and objectives evolve as well. With the constant maintenance and oversight of your wealth, we can be proactive in adjusting to your desired objectives and the strategy behind it.

At the end of the day, a good process is one that is fluid; not static.

For over 40 years we have helped families realize their dreams. Our comprehensive, disciplined, and adaptable process has produced real results for real families. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us directly.

World Class Portfolio Management

At Verus Financial, we strive to be different. We don’t want to be all things to all people. We create bespoke portfolios that offer the apex of investment management to high-net-worth families.

Our difference in investment management lies in our ability to be niche and our approach.

We believe we are one of the few wealth management teams in Canada to offer a completely custom, personalized, and tax-efficient strategies centred around each individual family. Everyone one of our clients is unique, and so should their investment portfolio.

By working with a select group of families, we can truly focus on each family relationship. We can fully apply ourselves and our uniquely designed strategy to achieve a high level of goal attainment for generations to come.

To achieve long-term investment success, it’s essential to have a robust portfolio management approach in place. Our approach is built on five key pillars: people, philosophy, platform, process, and performance.

By leveraging the skills and experience of our expert team, adhering to our proven investment philosophy, utilizing advanced platforms and technologies, following a well-defined investment process, and constantly monitoring our performance, we can help our clients achieve their investment objectives and reach their financial goals.

With our comprehensive and results-driven approach, we provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their investments are in capable hands.

If you wish to learn more about our world class portfolio management process and how it can benefit your family, click the link below.

Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns

Having an elaborate and disciplined investment process is crucial, but it’s meaningless if it does not produce real results for you and your family. You want to see tangible results and progress towards your goals and objectives. End of story.

Risk-adjusted returns are one of the most basic premises in finance, but it’s one that few investors truly understand. In its most simple state, a risk-adjusted return is a measure that puts returns into the context based on the amount of risk involved in an investment. Risk and return are equally important.

Two Key Measures

The two most common measurements used to judge the effectiveness of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns are; Alpha and Sharpe.

Definition: Refers to the excess return earned on an investment above the benchmark return. Simply put, it’s the ability for the manager to add value.

Desired Ratio: The higher the alpha, the better.

Ratings Scale:

Less than 0 – Value detracted
0 – No value added
Greater than 0 – Value added

Definition: Describes how much excess return you receive for the extra volatility you endure from holding a risky asset.

Desired Ratio: The higher the Sharpe Ratio the better.

Ratings Scale: This should be judged against the benchmark for accurate comparison. Below is a general guideline.

Less than 0.5 – Value detracted
Greater than 0.5 – Preferable

Our Difference

With this knowledge, take a moment to look at how our Verus Portfolios have provided superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

PortfolioAlphaSharpe Ratio
Verus US Focus Growth4.970.78
Verus International Growth3.250.60
Verus High Income3.690.84
Verus Global Infrastructure2.570.32

With an unwavering passion to provide superior risk-adjusted returns, we have always provided our clients with these two important measurements on an ongoing basis. This complete transparency allows our clients to judge the effectiveness of each mandates and their overall portfolio.

Results matter. We are here to deliver.

For more detail on each one of our portfolios, please visit the Verus Portfolios.

Protecting You on the Downside

At Verus Financial, we have had immense experience in tough times. We have successfully guided our clients through the following crisis’s:

  • The 80’s S&L Collapse
  • The 2001 Tech Bubble
  • The 2008 Financial Crisis
  • The 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

We understand how valuable it is to protect your hard-earned money. Capital preservation in down markets is paramount.

How We Protect You on the Downside:

Over the span of years, we have been extremely diligent in protecting our clients’ assets on the downside by implementing disciplined risk management practices. Below are the two key ways we help protect you on the downside:

  1. Individual Portfolio Managers
    • The first line of defence lies with each of our unique world-class managers. Each one of these portfolio management teams have been through multiple crisis and have the experience to navigate their specific realm through these tough times.
    • We have also equipped them with unique investment policy statements, which allows them to be more flexible in times of distress. They have more ability to allocate capital to areas of safety than most other portfolio managers in Canada.  Whether it’s increasing/decreasing certain sector exposures or raising cash, they have the ability to be adaptable to the market.
  • Tactical Asset Allocation
    • The second line of defence lies in our ability to be proactive and tactical with our client’s asset allocation. It’s important to be adaptable to the ever-changing world as political, economic, and investing environments change.
    • Through our market and economic research, we have the ability to shift our clients to defensive areas if we see a deteriorating landscape. This risk management practice has the ability to substantially limit losses when assets become correlated in times of severe distress.

How to Measure Downside Protection:

One of the keys metrics used to measure the downside protection of a portfolio is the Downside Capture Ratio.

Downside Capture Ratio – Used to evaluate how well an investment manager performed relative to an index during periods when that index has dropped.

  • Example: If a portfolio has a downside capture ratio of 80, this means they are only capturing 80% of the downside. If the index drops 10%, this manager would be expected to only fall 8%. Thus, the lower the downside capture ratio, the better.

Our Difference:

Take a moment to look at how each one of our Verus Portfolios helps protect you on the downside:

PortfolioDownside Capture Ratio
Verus US Focus Growth64.12
Verus Strategic Fixed Income51.90
Verus High Income63.80

At Verus Financial, we pride ourselves on having managers with some of the best downside capture ratios in the industry. This important metric is always provided to our clients on a quarterly basis.

Sometimes in investing, it’s not how much you make. But rather how much you keep. For more details on each one of our portfolios, please visit the Verus Portfolios.

The Service You Deserve

At Verus Financial, wealth management and advice are our products, and service is our business. With less than 100 family relationships, we have the unique ability to truly offer our select client base with the highest quality of service.

The Family Touch:

Our level of service goes above and beyond your generic wealth management offering. We treat every client as if they were family.

At the core of our operation, an assembly of exceptional individuals, finely skilled and unwaveringly devoted, propels us to define the pinnacle of service excellence. We will respond to your inquiries immediately and aim to have a resolution no later than the end of the next business day.

Proactive Contact:

Keeping you informed is one of our top priorities. Whether it’s updates on your portfolio, sharing our viewpoints on the markets, or simply checking-in; we are proactive in contacting you and your family. Below are just a few of our regular touch points:

  1. Semi-Annual Reviews: You receive personalized calls every six-months from our team to go over your portfolio and performance.
  2. Semi-Annual Luncheons: Twice a year we invite our select client base to a private luncheon. This event comprises of a complete update on all our portfolios, market overview, and economic outlook.
  3. Quarterly Podcast: Every quarter we produce a podcast to give our clients exclusive insight into ever-changing markets. This casual style format is easily digestible to all levels of financial literacy.
  4. Quarterly Wealth Notes: Exclusive to clients of Verus Financial, you will receive a quarterly publication entitled Verus Wealth Notes. Verus Wealth Notes provide commentary on the current economic environment as well as a discussion of recent positioning changes in the Verus portfolios.
  5. Exclusive Events: From a casual afternoon at Nat Bailey to special guest speakers such as Dr. Tom Deans. We hold many exclusive events that go beyond wealth management.

Our clients are more than just a name on a spread sheet; they are part of the Verus Family. They deserve the highest quality of service and a proactive team.

We are here to take care of you and your family.

Reporting and Researching

You’ve worked hard to accumulate wealth for your family. You deserve reporting and research that provides full transparency and peace of mind. Our state-of-the-art reporting and diverse research provide you and your family with the information needed to assess your wealth.

The World Class Verus Package:

At Verus Financial, we provide our clients with a world class package of reporting and research. Some of the items we regularly provide are listed below:

Performance ReportInstitution grade performance report for the affluent investor. Customized specifically to your accounts and family household. In-depth analysis and comparisons for full disclosure and transparency.
Holdings DetailFully transparent, comprehensive, and comprehendible outlook into the holdings and positioning of client’s accounts and whole portfolio.
Portfolio FactsheetsComplete and in-depth review of all individual Verus portfolios.
Wealth NotesDetailed newsletter and strategy report written exclusively by Verus Financial. Utilizing a diverse group of sought-after economists and markets experts.
Tax PackagesAll-inclusive tax reporting package sent directly to accountant.

Your wealth deserves transparency and integrity. To learn more about what we can offer you and your family, contact us.

Let us help you create the life you’ve earned. We have the expertise required to navigate life’s trickiest transitions and create enduring family legacies for generations to come.

From personalized investment portfolios to in-depth financial planning to nurturing your business transition; we provide the expert advice and holistic wealth management you need to feel confident in your family’s future.